ad astra per alas porci

So the FUNimation FB page put up this picture in celebration of having SnK character designer/producer, George Wada, come by to AX. Reading the comments made me wanna punch and high-five some people though.

There was a lot of slander being said to the Mikasa cosplayer and to the lot in general, picking out the most minute details. It’s ridiculous just how much the commentators must pay attention to each frame of the manga and anime to know what a “real” salute is, but can’t even bother to, perhaps, make a cosplay of their own especially since they’re that big of a fan.

If these people instead praised the cosplayers for taking the time and money to put together their outfit, style their wigs ( that takes a lot of time), and doing their make-up then I wouldn’t have to make this post.

But seriously guys, “you’re all going to be titan food/they look like they’re going to fail the exam”? Really? Could YOU possibly pass the exam using a fictional and poorly (but neat) designed uniform/gear for a  military of an unknown time and place? I DON’T THINK SO.

And to point out a few things:

  • That chick on the left doesn’t need a potato because she is Hanji not Sasha. 
  • The dude with the military background trying to act all cool with his knowledge on fictional drills. LOL. Levi’s full rank is LANCE CORPORAL LEVI, which would incidentally make him a marine in the U.S., therefore asserting the possibility that this is a marine inspired unit. So stfu Jarhead.

But, in the midst of all this ignorance, I also found people who were kind enough to counter the attacks. The Annie cosplayer that everyone was praising also came into the picture and showed the spirit of real cosplaying.

Overall, when you see a cosplayer, please appreciate their efforts towards their amazing cosplay instead of being totally finicky for the most innate things. 

Anyone of any shape, size, gender, ethnicity should be able to cosplay without worrying about the ridicule from others, so don’t turn this into an Attack on Cosplayers.

The wall that people build inside them is not made from the crystals produced by a titan, and could be easily destroyed by your rude comments. In general, people shouldn’t even need to build a wall, but because of people LIKE YOU and your bitch ass comments that it becomes a necessity.

If we continue to fight and bully each other in this way, humanity (OUR HUMANITY) dwindles to become nothing more than a bunch of mindless titans.

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