ad astra per aspera ミ★

So, you know the common belief that you’re supposed to lose weight when you work out a lot right? Well, it ain’t happening with me.

Since senior year, I’ve actually gained roughly 10-12 pounds and I’ve been working out almost every day of the week. Apparently, people have said that I look like I’ve lost some weight, but it’s sorta mixed. So iono, yo. I think I look the same.

It’s not a bad thing, I’m not administering that the number on the scale is an accurate representation of how healthy you are, but it’s cray man. Cray that I’m usually within the 108-110 region and now I am not. LOL.

It’s not bad, I feel a ton stronger now than I did back then, so that’s very nice, but I can’t help but feel a little uncomfy when I tell people my current weight. Omg, ahhahaah. 

I’m still in good standing for Navy standards in accordance with my height, and that’s cool, so why am I worried? I should be happy that I’ve gained 10-12 pounds of muscle. 

But damn dude, if I ever want to lose weight, I’d have to go carb-less and that’s just… no.

Maybe one day, but not anytime soon. Haha.

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